Hi-Fi Lite Fibre Feed

Hi-Fi Lite

The perfect low-calorie, high-fibre maintenance feed for leisure horses and ponies. Hi-Fi Lite is approved by The Laminitis Trust.

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Key Features

The perfect low-calorie, high-fibre maintenance feed for leisure horses and ponies. Hi-Fi Lite is approved by The Laminitis Trust.

Key Features

  • Ideal for overweight horses and ponies
  • Low in sugar and starch, Hi-Fi Lite is suitable for horses and ponies prone to lamintis
  • Hi-Fi Lite provides 7.5MJ/kg Digestible Energy, perfect for horses and ponies in light work or at rest
  • High-quality soft oat straw is blended with nutrient rich alfalfa
  • Hi-Fi Lite can be used as a low-calorie total or partial hay replacer

Respiratory Care

The alfalfa in Hi-Fi Lite is dried at a very high temperature which reduces mould. Extraction processes help to reduce the dust content to promote respiratory health.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Typical analysis (%) ‘as fed’

Digestible Energy 7.5MJ/kg
Protein 10
Oil 1.5
Ash (mineral) 9
Fibre 35
Sugar 7
Starch 1.5
Hi-Fi Lite Product


Cereal straw, alfalfa, molasses, mould inhibitor

The visual appearance of the actual product may vary due to environmental conditions during growth and time of harvest.

Hi-Fi Lite is approved by the Laminitis Trust who independently assess the suitability of products for horses and ponies prone to Laminitis. Hi-Fi Lite comes in a 20kg bale.

Feeding Guidelines

How Hard Are You Working Your Horse?

The amount and kind of work your horse or pony is doing is an important factor when calculating the quantity and type of feed to give.

Click here to read more about assessing your horse’s workload.

How To Get The Most Out Of Feeding With Dengie Hi-Fi Lite

Hi-Fi LITE is ideal as the sole bucket feed for horses and ponies that are overweight and prone to laminitis. It can be fed alongside a broad-spectrum supplement or a feed balancer to provide a balanced diet. Where additional condition is needed, or for those horses with a higher energy requirement, Dengie Alfa-Beet or Alfa-A Lite can be added.

Hi-Fi Lite can also be fed as a hay replacer. Naturally lower in sugar than hay, Hi-Fi Lite can be fed on a weight for weight basis as a low sugar alternative to hay or haylage.

Hi-Fi Lite is a short ‘chop’ that takes as long to chew as the equivalent weight of hay or haylage, helping to keep horses occupied and satisfied. For horses on restricted grazing, Hi-Fi Lite is ideal as it delivers sufficient fibre to maintain gut function.

Case Studies

Paddy’s Weight Loss Success Story

When Lauren brought Paddy, he weighed more than the weigh tape would allow her to measure – around 710kg on the weighbridge.
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Ace, owned by Matt Ilston, was in light work, doing a mixture of schooling and hacking 3-4 times a week and successfully competing at unaffiliated dressage. Ace was turned out for six hours each day on really good grazing and was receiving ad-lib haylage. He was carrying a little too much weight, resulting in him being a little lazy, with Matt wanting a little bit more sparkle!
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Chewy’s Weight Loss Success

Chewy is a 26-year-old, 14.hh Connemara cross, who had his first bout of laminitis when he was nine. He suffered recurrent bouts through 2010 and 2011, which lead to testing and diagnosing of Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) and PPID (Cushing’s).
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