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The Dengie Grass Range

At Dengie, we select the finest grasses and ingredients grown by British Farmers for our grass chaff and pelleted feeds.

By using 100% natural ingredients, that are free from artificial preservatives, flavours and additives we offer a range of feeds for horses and ponies that are high in fibre and packed full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals ,which are essential for the general health and well-being of your horse or pony.

Using only meadow grasses as the base ingredient, this range of horse feeds is free from cereals, cereal by-products, including straw and alfalfa. Naturally sweet in flavour, our grass chaff range is able to tempt even the fussiest of horses and ponies without the inclusion of molasses.

Our Grass Range is ideal to feed to horses and ponies when the supply and quality of their natural grazing declines, either due to poor weather conditions or restricted access to pasture and turnout. The naturally soft texture of the grass chaff makes these feeds great alternatives for horses and ponies that struggle to chew longer length forage, due to old age, poor dentition or specific dental issues such as diastemas.

All the grass chaff feeds in our grass range are ideal as a supplement or a replacement for hay and/or forage to supply additional calories to help your horse or pony to gain/maintain weight and condition.


Meadow Grass with Herbs Meadow Grass

Meadow Grass with Herbs

A blend of Lincolnshire's finest meadow grasses are dried, chopped and lightly dressed with cold-pressed rapeseed oil from Aberdeenshire.
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Grass Pellets grass pellets

Grass Pellets

Simply 100% naturally grown meadow grass with no added sugar.
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Pure Grass pure grass

Pure Grass

A naturally nutritious 100% chopped grass feed with absolutely nothing else added!
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