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Pelleted Fibres

Pelleted fibres are an ideal alternative or complementary feed

Alongside our popular chopped fibre feeds, Dengie offer a range of pelleted fibres as an alternative or complementary feed.

Pellets can be beneficial for a number of reasons, from providing an added interest for fussy feeders to soaking the pellets for older horses and ponies that struggle to chew the chopped fibres.

All of our pelleted fibres are free from artificial flavours, preservatives, molasses, straw, binders and fillers. They can also be fed to goats, sheep and alpacas.

Alfalfa Pellets Alfalfa Pellets

Alfalfa Pellets

Contains pure alfalfa and are a high-fibre source for horses, ponies and other animals, such as cattle, sheep, goats and camelids.
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Alfa-Beet Alfa-Beet Horse Feed


A high-fibre, low sugar and starch, conditioning feed. Ideal for aiding hydration or for older horses and ponies who struggle to chew longer length fibre.
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Grass Pellets grass pellets

Grass Pellets

Simply 100% naturally grown meadow grass with no added sugar.
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