Healthy Hooves Fibre Feed

Healthy Hooves Molasses Free

A nutritionally balanced, low-calorie, high-fibre feed for leisure horses and ponies, containing essential nutrients for healthy hooves.

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Key Features

A nutritionally balanced, low-calorie, high-fibre feed for leisure horses and ponies, containing essential nutrients for healthy hooves.

Healthy Hooves Molasses Free is approved by The Laminitis Trust.

Healthy Hooves Molasses Free is a new tasty twist on an old favourite, with just one thing missing – the added sugar! It’s still a complete feed with no need for any extras, packed with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to help keep horses and ponies looking and feeling fabulous, and their feet in great condition.

The latest addition to the Dengie range – with a splash of rape seed oil added to replace the molasses – has been developed following requests for a molasses-free feed from customers. “Levels of key nutrients such as biotin are just the same, as we know they work,” says technical manager Katie Williams, who is responsible for creating this low-calorie formulation.

Healthy Hooves Molasses Free contains just 2.5 per cent sugar, which is found naturally in the fibrous ingredients. “Even straw and alfalfa contain some sugar – feed is rarely, if ever, sugar-free,” Katie adds.

Starch levels are also extremely low, at just 1.5 per cent, because the feed is completely free from cereals or grains, which are the main source of starch in mixes and cubes. These low levels of sugar and starch – less than any other complete fibre feed on the market – make Healthy Hooves Molasses Free the safest option today for horses and ponies that are prone to laminitis.

Proven Nutrients for healthy Hooves Molasses Free

Several studies have been conducted into how much biotin a horse requires. A study published in the Equine Vet Journal (1992), found that greater growth rates and hardness of hooves was achieved at a daily feeding rate of 15mg of biotin than at 7.5mg in horses diets. The level of biotin included in Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free has been formulated accordingly and thus when fed at the recommended rates will provide a 500kg horse with 15mg of biotin per day.

Research published in the Vet Record (1987) demonstrated that alfalfa increases the quality and quantity of horn growth which was attributed to the highly available calcium and essential amino acids found naturally in alfalfa.

B vitamins have a wide range of functions within the horse’s digestive system including energy metabolism and growth and development. Healthy Hooves was the first chopped fibre feed on the market with a full range of all these important nutrients.

For further information on this new product and dietary advice call the Dengie feedline on 0845 345 5115 to speak to a experienced and qualified nutritionist.

Key Benefits

  • Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free has a full range of B vitamins including biotin at levels that research has shown to be effective at maximising hoof health – to get the benefit of these nutrients the recommended quantities need to be fed
  • Low sugar and starch – research has shown that horses and ponies predisposed to laminitis are at greater risk if fed cereals. Healthy Hooves Molasses Free is free from whole cereal grains.
  • Chelated Trace Minerals – these are important for improved bio-availability to the horse, i.e. they are more easily absorbed. Trace minerals are important for general condition including hooves and coat condition and are also integral components of the body’s antioxidant system.
  • Essential High-Fibre – fibre provides slow release energy and is essential for maximising gut health.
  • Highly palatable – Healthy Hooves Molasses Free contains added garlic for great palatability and pellets for added interest.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Typical analysis (%) ‘as fed’

Digestible Energy 8.5MJ/kg
Protein 9
Oil 5
Ash Mineral 9.5
Fibre 27
Copper 12mg/kg
Selenium 0.25mg/kg
Zinc 64mg/kg
Biotin 6mg/kg
Naturally Occurring Sugar 2.5
Starch 1.5
Healthy Hooves Molasses Free Product


Oat straw, alfalfa pellets, dried alfalfa, rape seed oil, garlic, vitamin and mineral premix.

The visual appearance of the actual product may vary due to environmental conditions during growth and time of harvest.

Healthy Hooves Molasses Free comes in a 20kg bale

Feeding Guidelines

Top tips for managing horse and ponies prone to Laminitis

  • Soaking hay reduces the sugar content
  • Use small holed nets to make hay last longer
  • Use low calorie fibre feeds such as Hi-Fi Lite alongside hay to provide more variety in your horse or pony’s ration
  • Use late cut hay that is stalky as it will have a lower calorie content
  • Use a grazing muzzle – research has shown it can reduce grass intake by around 75%
  • Increase exercise – even if it doesn’t promote weight loss it helps to reduce the risk of insulin resistance which is a contributing factor to laminitis
  • Avoid cereal mixes or cubes – only half a scoop of low energy mix provides enough energy for 20 minutes schooling
  • For more information on managing horses and ponies prone to laminitis see Feeding Horses or Ponies prone to laminitis and our Laminitis Guide

Working out the best feed for a horse or pony that is prone to Laminitis can be very worrying and stressful, but our team of highly experienced and qualified nutritionists are here to help. Call the Dengie Feedline on 0845 345 5115 or email

Click here to read more about assessing your horse’s workload.

How To get The Most Out Of Feeding Healthy Hooves Molasses Free

Healthy Hooves Molasses Free is designed to be fed as the sole bucket feed alongside your horse’s normal hay/haylage ration. It is important that it is fed at the recommended quantities in order to provide the levels of nutrients your horse or pony requires; feeding less may affect condition and performance. If using less than recommended quantities, a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement should be used alongside. Healthy Hooves Molasses Free is intended for horses and ponies at rest or in light work if fed as the sole bucket feed.

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